How To Remove Stretch Marks

How To Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common skin complaint in men and women of all ages. Although they are not physically painful, their emotional effects can be devastating. This leaves many people looking for a solution that can get rid of these unsightly marks and give them back their confidence.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

When skin expands quickly due to pregnancy, rapid muscle gain in bodybuilding, puberty, or weight gain, the dermis (deep layer of the skin) can break or tear. These tears allow the deeper layers of skin to show through, creating the red or purple lines.

Can Creams Erase Stretch Marks?

Many creams on the market claim to treat or erase stretch marks. Unfortunately, none of these creams can diminish stretch marks because they can’t reach the dermis, where stretch marks form. Although creams and oils may make skin softer, they simply don’t have the ability to erase stretch marks, and there’s no evidence that they can prevent them either.

FX CO2 – Your Key to Erase Stretch Marks

For many years, stretch marks were considered permanent. But now, a procedure known as
Fractional CO2 Fractional resurfacing, or FX CO2, is able to treat these marks without major surgery.

This specialized treatment uses precise laser light to damage the stretch mark without harming surrounding tissues. This results in the production of new collagen and a healing of these marks. Most people require multiple treatments of the FX CO2 for full results, but with little to no pain and downtime, it’s easy to fit this procedure into most schedules.

Tummy Tuck – An Option to Consider

For those who have stretch marks on the abdomen, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be an option. This is major surgery, and should only be performed by a skilled plastic surgeon who is heavily experienced in body contouring procedures.

During a tummy tuck, excess skin can be removed, resulting in a tighter, smoother appearance – and taking with it any stretch marks that were present on the extra skin. Though this can be a benefit of a tummy tuck, most surgeons do not tout this surgery as a total solution for stretch marks. A person’s success will depend upon how much excess skin they have and where their stretch marks are located.

Stretch marks can have devastating emotional consequences. With today’s advanced laser treatment, you don’t have to live with them. If you’d like to learn more about FX CO2, schedule a consultation with Dr. Siegel today.

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