Plastic Surgery Misconceptions for Men

Plastic Surgery Misconceptions for Men

There are a number of misconceptions floating around when it comes to plastic surgery for men. Because cosmetic procedures have only gained traction among men relatively recently, there’s often little awareness about what sort of men get it, why they get it, and what the end results are like.

In this post we’ll have a look at some of the more problematic misconceptions out there, and do our best to set the record straight!

Misconception #1: Men Don’t Get Plastic Surgery

There may have been a tiny grain of truth to this several decades ago, but it’s far from being the case today. About 15% of all cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. are performed on men. In 2016 alone, the number of American men who signed up for cosmetic procedures numbered in the hundreds of thousands. And that doesn’t include the kind of reconstructive surgical work that might be performed on, say, a crash victim with facial injuries.

There’s clearly a demand for this sort of thing, and it’s not limited to the female population. But what sort of procedures do all these male patients find so valuable? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the ten most common procedures for men in 2015 were (in no particular order):

  1. Facelifts
  2. Nose jobs
  3. Laser hair removal
  4. Eyelid surgery
  5. Breast reduction
  6. Liposuction
  7. Chemical peels
  8. Fillers
  9. Microdermabrasion

You’ll notice that many of these procedures are minimally invasive, and generally quite subtle in their results. This is because men, perhaps even more so than women, tend to prefer their surgery to slip under the radar. Thanks to constantly improving methods and technology, it’s very easy these days to get great results that don’t scream “plastic surgery.”

Misconception #2: But REAL Men Don’t Get Plastic Surgery, Right?

Wrong! In fact, many men who choose to undergo surgery don’t do so out of vanity. Your appearance plays a crucial role in your confidence and self-esteem, and that in turn has spillover effects into other aspects of your everyday life. People who are more self-assured and comfortable in their own skin tend to inspire trust – a fact which has implications for careers, relationships, and overall quality of life.

If that still hasn’t convinced you: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, that pinnacle of old-fashioned masculinity, had a male breast reduction in 2005.

Misconception #3: Only Rich People Can Afford It

In fact, most patients who undergo plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons are middle class, with a median income of around $80,000. Although there are indeed some expensive procedures out there, many others are surprisingly affordable. For example, the cost of hyaluronic fillers is sometimes as little as that of a woman’s hair styling appointment.

Considered as an investment, many of the most popular procedures offer a fantastic value for money. That said, it’s always a good idea to do your research and find an experienced, dedicated surgeon who will take the time to do the job well.

Dr. Siegel is a facial plastic surgeon in Houston. To find out more about what procedures he offers, contact his office today!

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