What Happens During A Nose Job? Explore The Process of Rhinoplasty.

Being unhappy with your appearance and, especially the appearance of your nose, is something a lot of us have to deal with. But developments in plastic surgery and a skilled surgeon like Dr. Siegel’s mean that this problem can be sorted.

The thought of having surgery of any sort, even a rhinoplasty to improve your appearance, can make us nervous but some information on the process can give a clearer idea of what happens.

A rhinoplasty like any other surgery is performed under anesthetic,  general or local, to make the surgery more comfortable for the patient. During the course of the operation the nostrils are cut and sometimes the base of the nose needs to be cut too. All of this is to allow the surgeon access to the bone structure and cartilage which he needs to manipulate. By doing this the surgeon can reshape the nose to get the shape the patient wants.

After the surgery the patient wears a nose splint for a number of days to help the nose reset in the correct position. Some surgeons will pack the nose cavity with gauze following the procedure, a practice not followed by Dr. Siegel because it leads to bruising and swelling and can slow down the healing process.

When you are thinking of having a nose job it is very important to find a surgeon who can give you the nose you want with as little discomfort as possible.You need a plastic surgeon whose skills in improving your appearance and commitment to your care can be trusted. Having work done on your nose is a big step in getting the looks you want and you need to be sure that the right person is doing your rhinoplasty.

Choosing Dr. Michel Siegel as your plastic surgeon, places you in the care of  someone who thoroughly understands the results you should have after your rhinoplasty. His keen sense of aesthetics and what will improve your appearance will guide you in your decisions about your nose job.

Your treatment begins with an in-depth consultation. Here you will be able to discuss the problems you feel you have with your nose, as well as the nose you desire. Depending on the procedure you need, under his  guidance you will arrive at a decision on the type of nose that best suit you.

In any surgical procedure your comfort and well being are also important. Dr. Siegel is known for the care he gives his patients and for his understanding of their concerns.

Every step he takes during a rhinoplasty is taken to improve your appearance and to avoid causing you discomfort. By using Dr. Siegel’s skills as a plastic surgeon you will change the shape of your nose. His sense of aesthetics will give you the good looks you wanted but also the good care that makes this surgery easier.

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