When is the best time for facial plastic surgery?

Deciding to get plastic surgery takes a lot of thought. You may already be researching plastic surgeons to ensure you’re getting an experienced, board-certified expert in facial procedures. Choosing your surgeon is arguably the most important part of the process. But, you’ll also need to decide when you wish to have your procedure done.

Many plastic surgeons notice patterns during different times of the year. If you’re wondering about the right time for your procedure, take a look at how the plastic surgery trends occur.

Less Sun, Holiday Time Off

Although the winter months are still pleasant in Houston, the sun’s rays are less powerful, and the cooler temps mean less time at the pool. This makes the winter ideal for timing face lift surgery, neck lifts, and skin rejuvenation options like laser peels.

After peels and surgeries, you’ll need to be diligent about sun protection and ideally, should wear a wide-brimmed hat during the healing process. You may also wear a lightweight scarf  to cover up healing on the neck.

In addition, people who have time off around the holidays may find this to be an opportune time to get a facial surgery done or even a minimally invasive procedure. People with packed work schedules often find that the new year is a good time to take time off. The kids don’t have as many activities, office workloads tend to be lighter, and it’s easier to work your recovery into the schedule.

Planning Ahead for Summer

Spring is a popular time for facial procedures because it’s when people start thinking about looking their best for summer vacations. It gives you a few weeks of healing time before a big summer event and means you won’t have to worry about planning your surgery around your vacation. It’s an optimal time for laser hair removal because you can be smooth and hair-free before it’s time to put on a bathing suit.

Summer Sun and Non-Surgical Treatments

Summer is a great time for minimally invasive procedures, which can really be done at any time of year in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon. Options like cosmetic injectables have very little downtime and no scars to worry about, so don’t hesitate to choose one of these during the summer if it works for you.

On the other hand, some people have more time off in the summer and take advantage of these months for their surgery. Teachers, for instance, find that summer is the perfect time for relaxation and recovery after having plastic surgery.

Fall: Back to School Scмhedules

Getting plastic surgery in the fall is great for people who don’t have kids in school. Many parents are busy with their kids’ activities and back-to-school commitments at this time. If you don’t have a busy schedule in September and October, this may be a good time to schedule your procedure. Take advantage of the time of year when others may be too busy!

Despite these trends, each person’s life, schedule, and preferences are different when it comes to plastic surgery. Decide what works best for you, and work with your plastic surgeon to find the best time to get your new look. No matter what the season, Dr. Siegel can help you choose the surgery or procedure that best meets your goals.

If you’re considering a facial plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure, choose an experienced, double board certified facial plastic surgeon. Contact the office of Dr. Michel Siegel today!

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