Cosmetic Surgery Dos & Don’ts

Surgery can be quite a daunting prospect. But there are certain things you can do—or avoid—that will ease the process, and help you achieve your desired results. Here are our top ten do’s and don’ts of cosmetic surgery.


  1. Choose an experienced specialist.Some plastic surgeons are generalists, who are basically willing to perform any cosmetic procedure. Others specialize in certain areas: one might perform a lot of breast augmentations, while another might prefer to concentrate on facial procedures. It’s important that you find a doctor whose skill-set matches your needs.
  2. Ask the right questions.Any plastic surgeon worth their salt will guide you through the surgery in detail, so you have a clear idea of what to expect. To be on the safe side, make sure you know what questions to ask before the surgery.
  3. Stay hydrated before and after surgery.Make sure you drink plenty of water in the lead-up to surgery. Good hydration helps with recovery, and can also reduce your post-op symptoms and make you feel better!
  4. Keep your schedule free for the recovery phase.When you arrange time off for recovery, be generous to yourself. If your doctor says you should be “back to normal in 1-2 weeks”, then make sure you’re able to rest for the whole two weeks if need be. Ending your recovery period too early can interfere with the healing process.
  5. Heed your doctor’s advice.Your surgeon should give you a clear set of instructions for both pre-op and post-op. Make sure you keep a note of their recommendations, and contact them if you have any questions.


  1. Worry about how you look on day one.It often takes weeks or even months for the final result of cosmetic surgery to become apparent. Immediately after surgery, you might experience unsightly bruising or swelling. Try to be patient, and don’t let yourself be disappointed while your body is still doing its best to heal.
  2. Look for the cheapest surgeon in town.Most patients who are unhappy with their procedures could have found better results with a more experienced specialist. Price is obviously important, but you should never let that be your only consideration. Think twice before going to a developing country for cheap surgery!
  3. Try to look like someone else.The best cosmetic surgery helps you reach your full potential. Whether you’re getting a rhinoplasty or a chin augmentation, the best surgeons will aim to improve your unique set of features, rather than follow a generic blueprint. If you completely overhaul your appearance, you might end up with an unnatural look that doesn’t seem quite right.
  4. Take aspirin or ibuprofin.A quick practical note: both aspirin and ibuprofin are “blood thinners”, and should be avoided in the 2–3 weeks before and after surgery to reduce the chances of bleeding.
  5. Rush your decisionThe decision to go ahead with surgery can be a tough one, and it’s important that you give yourself time to think about it. Try to find a surgeon considerate and approachable enough to guide you, rather than force you into a decision you’re not sure about.

Dr. Siegel is one of Houston’s leading facial plastic surgeons. Contact him today to find out more about how cosmetic surgery could work for you!

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