Ethnic rhinoplasty vs. regular rhinoplasty – what’s the difference?

Ethnic rhinoplasty vs. regular rhinoplasty – what’s the difference?

 Each person who undergoes rhinoplasty has a different face,  different features, and ultimately, different goals for their  surgery. This is the case with any person, regardless of their  age, race, or ethnicity.

 If you have features of certain ethnic descent, such as African  American, Asian, or Hispanic heritage, you may be wondering if  you need an ethnic rhinoplasty, and what the difference truly is.

 About Ethnic Rhinoplasty

 An ethnic rhinoplasty can be performed by facial plastic  surgeons who have a thorough understanding of the differences  between facial structures with different ethnicities. For  example, an African American nose generally (but not always)  has softer cartilage and thicker skin than a caucasian nose.  Noses that have traits of African American, Asian, and Hispanic  descent are usually very different from Caucasian noses.

In many cases, an ethnic rhinoplasty involves an entirely different approach than a Caucasian rhinoplasty. Whereas many Caucasian patients wish to reduce cartilage in the nose, perhaps correcting a hump, reducing overall size and profile appearance, and reducing or modifying the tip, an ethnic rhinoplasty may involve adding some shape and volume to a nose that may be more wide and/or flat. To achieve this, your surgeon needs to have the skill and expertise to build this shape with cartilage. An ethnic rhinoplasty may also involve special techniques for achieving a desirable tip of the nose. Rather than reducing the tip, often done in Caucasian rhinoplasty, an ethnic rhinoplasty may require adding support and grafts to achieve a more defined and attractive shape.

As part of this process, your surgeon should examine your facial features and explain which features of ethnic rhinoplasty you may need and why. Your surgeon should modify and customize the surgical techniques to give you a natural looking and attractive result that fits your personal preferences and your heritage. This should be discussed with you in your pre-surgical consultation so you can feel confident that you’ll be pleased with the outcome of your surgery.

Each Rhinoplasty is Unique

Although an ethnic rhinoplasty is appropriate for many people who have these features, it’s important to know that a good rhinoplasty – whether ethnic or not – should not be a “one size fits all” procedure. A skilled, expert facial plastic surgeon will carefully consider your face and your desired outcome and will get a clear idea of the final result before moving forward with your surgery. Only a surgeon with a keen eye for what looks attractive and natural on a person’s face can successfully do this.

Your Individuality is Key

Your ethnicity likely plays a role in not only your appearance but who you are as a person. If you are interested in a rhinoplasty but don’t want your results to look unnatural or unlike your own heritage, then an ethnic rhinoplasty may be for you.

If you’re interested in a more attractive nose that looks natural and brings out the best in your face, you need the care of an expert who can recognize and respect the differences in each individual’s unique characteristics. Double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michel Siegel has extensive training and experience in many types of rhinoplasty. View his amazing before and after gallery to see some examples of his expertise.

To learn more about what you can expect and how Dr. Siegel can help you achieve the nose you’ve always wanted,contact our Houston office today!

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