Is your neck making you look older?

Many people spend their lives applying the finest skin creams and products to their face – only to leave their neck high and dry. In addition, gravity has an impact on the neck’s skin, muscles, and fat, often causing it to lose its taut, smooth appearance. This can create a contrast: your face may look one age, but your neck looks years older.

Fortunately, there are ways to correct this imbalance so you can get your youthful appearance back. Don’t let your neck give away your age – or worse, make you look older than you actually are.

What a Neck Lift Can Do

Sagging skin, protruding muscles, “jowls,” and excess fat can all affect the neck as we age. Some people are prone to a double chin due to genetics, and it’s natural for the skin of the neck to age and sag just as much – if not more than – the face. In addition, the bands of muscles that stick out create undesirable contours that can immediately age you more than you like.

A neck lift is designed to restore a youthful look to this area by addressing your unique skin type and areas of concern. A qualified facial plastic surgeon who has experience in neck lifts can dramatically improve the appearance of your neck by lifting and rejuvenating the skin, which can make you look years younger and often, several pounds thinner. Your profile will be more attractive, and it will make your facial features stand out in the most beautiful way.

A neck lift is perfect for those whose upper face still looks pleasing and youthful, but the appearance of the neck detracts from a person’s best features. For those who are unhappy with aging and sagging on the upper part of the face, a neck lift can be combined with Dr. Siegel’s natural-lookingVertical Facelift™ for an amazing makeover that brings out your best features again.

Your Options with Neck Liposuction

If your concern is primarily the presence of excess fat in the neck or below the jaw, neck liposuction may be the perfect solution. If your skin is elastic and there’s no sagging, wrinkling, or droopy skin, neck lipo alone may solve your issue. But, neck lipo also pairs well with a neck lift when needed to restore skin and remove fat simultaneously.

Removing excess fat from this region can not only make you look slimmer; it can also restore your face and profile to more pleasing and attractive contours.

Don’t hide behind scarves and turtlenecks because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your jaw area or neck. These problems can be effectively corrected in the hands of a skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Michel Siegel. To find out more or schedule your consultation, contact his Houston Plastic Surgery office today!

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