Healthy Expectations for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be an amazing and life-changing experience for many people. Some people were born with features they don’t like, while others may find that they aren’t satisfied with the toll time has taken on their face.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you’ll need to think about your reasons for wanting to do it, and you and your surgeon may discuss some of these reasons with you. Having healthy expectations will have a tremendous impact on your post-surgery satisfaction.

Don’t Try to Look Like Someone Else

While your favorite celebrity may be beautiful, if you try to copy her eyes, nose, lips, etc., you’ll most likely be unhappy. This is because cosmetic surgery should be about improving on your features and making you look your best. If you try to put part of someone else’s look on your face, it almost never fits – and you end up looking artificial.

Aim to Look Younger With Realistic Goals

While cosmetic surgery can do amazing things for your age, even the best procedures won’t make you look exactly like you did in high school. A better goal is to look healthy, rejuvenated, and the best version of you (and shave a few years off in the process).

Don’t Worry About Selfies and Phone Pictures

If you recently saw an unflattering photo on Facebook and are horrified, don’t rush out to have cosmetic surgery due to that single event. Remember that a two-dimensional photo, especially close up, can make certain facial features (such as your nose) look larger and out of proportion. Instead, look at your face in a mirror and look at a variety of photos of yourself. Don’t focus on just one bad one.

Cosmetic surgery is a decision that takes time and consideration. Doing it out of impulse is not the best way to get the results you truly want. If, however, you’ve disliked a certain feature for a while, talk with a plastic surgeon about your concerns and aesthetic goals. Then, you can take plenty of time to decide whether you’re ready to move forward.

Healthy Reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

It’s important to know that there are positive, healthy attitudes that can accompany cosmetic surgery of all types. A few of the great reasons to have cosmetic surgery include:

  • A desire to boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Correcting a particular feature that doesn’t fit your face
  • Achieving facial symmetry or balance
  • Healing a disfigurement or injury
  • Turning back the clock and rejuvenating your face to look as great as you feel

Every patient has his or her own story and reasons for wanting plastic surgery. Make sure yours is healthy and realistic, and you’ll set yourself up for an outstanding outcome that makes you feel great! Contact Dr. Michel Siegel to discuss your plastic surgery goals during your confidential consultation.

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