Great Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Any experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that cosmetic surgery isn’t always about vanity. Take rhinoplasty, for example. Although many people believe getting a “nose job” is simply about getting that perfect nose, often times this isn’t the case at all.

Noses are unique, personal, and an important feature of your face. And if you’re unhappy with its appearance, its shape, size, or how it works with the rest of your face, there’s a good chance rhinoplasty can help. With the right plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, you can get a nose that still looks exactly like you — only better.

The Nose You Inherited

Unfortunately, we simply don’t have control over how our genetics shape our faces. Some people inherit an infamous “family nose” that overshadows other features and may feel distracting or overpowering when interacting with others. People who have these types of noses may feel that their nose is all others can see, and they may struggle with social situations in their personal and professional lives as a result.

Noses and Teasing

Kids can be cruel, but so can adults. Making fun of another’s appearance can leave the victim with lifelong emotional scars. For those who were taunted over the size or shape of their nose, getting a rhinoplasty is a great way to overcome those past hurts and move on with their lives with more confidence and less stress.

Tweaking an Ethnic Nose

An ethnic rhinoplasty is not a procedure to change or hide a  person’s ethnicity. Many people simply want some minor modifications to their ethnic nose to make it more suitable for their face’s proportions. An ethnic rhinoplasty can be a celebration of a person’s ethnicity by keeping the appearance of the ethnic nose, but simply changing it in subtle ways to bring out the best in an individual’s entire face.

Correcting Injuries or Deformities

Some people are born with abnormalities on their nose that result in an asymmetrical or unbalanced appearance. For those that have been in accidents or had their nose broken, the shape of the nose’s bone structure can be greatly impacted. A rhinoplasty can correct damage or restore a natural and healthy appearance.

A Specialized Nose Job is a Must

Whatever your wishes and expectations for rhinoplasty, there is one important fact to keep in mind. Your rhinoplasty should be highly individualized for you and your face, and should not be a one-size-fits all procedure. Remember that there is no one “perfect” nose for everyone. Some noses look great on one person while they wouldn’t be appropriate for another. That’s why your surgeon should discuss how to achieve the most natural and attractive nose that truly suits your unique features.

Dr. Michel Siegel is known as Houston’s rhinoplasty specialist for good reason. His vast experience, precision, and skill means his patients receive natural and beautiful results. Contact his office to learn more about what rhinoplasty can do for you!

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