How Men Can Benefit From Plastic Surgery

How Men Can Benefit From Plastic Surgery

It’s no secret that self-confidence affects everything you do. Feeling great about how you look can have a tremendous impact on your personal and professional life!

But it’s not just women who care about their self-confidence. More and more men are opting for a variety of plastic surgery procedures to improve their appearance and give them the boost they need to feel younger and more attractive. In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that in 2014, men accounted for one million plastic surgery procedures in the U.S.

Facial procedures, in particular, are popular among men. After all, your face is the most visible part of you – the part that shows your expressions and emotions, and can make a positive or negative impression upon others. And if an aspect of your face is bothering you, it can come across as lack of confidence and assertiveness.

Rhinoplasty and the Male Face

Many men have discovered that rhinoplasty can have a very positive impact on the appearance of the face. A nose that’s wide, crooked, too large, or has a “hump” may be out of balance with one’s features and can distract from other features, like the eyes. For men specifically, a “male rhinoplasty” is designed to achieve a masculine, proportionate nose. The downtime with a rhinoplasty can vary, but most people are back to work within a week or two.

A Defined, Balanced Chin

Chin augmentation surgery is popular among men because having a strong, balanced chin can truly enhance the male face and provide a more attractive, natural look. A skilled plastic surgeon will be aiming for proper proportions for a man’s face while taking into account your ethnicity and unique features. In some cases, combining this procedure with a lower facelift, neck lift, and/or liposuction can be beneficial. This can add extra definition where excess skin or fat may be causing a “double chin” appearance – which is often a normal part of aging. Your surgeon can discuss these options with you if you are interested.

Correcting Ears that Stick Out

Because men tend to wear short hairstyles, they also have very visible ears. Having ears that stick out too far from the head can overpower other features and make men self-conscious. It gives the illusion of “big ears,” but the issue is simply an undeveloped fold of cartilage. Otoplasty corrects this issue by surgically “pinning” the ears properly to the head, where they will look natural and balanced. For men who have suffered from this issue all their lives, it can be a real game-changer! Most men are back to work within just a few days of having otoplasty.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

A man who cares about his appearance will find that many of today’s plastic surgery procedures are an excellent way to help him look his best. Often, men are concerned that surgery will make them look artificial. But if you choose a surgeon like Dr. Michel Siegel, you’ll have his years of expertise and attention to detail that ensure you’ll get a masculine, natural outcome!

To learn more about plastic surgery and what it can do for you, contact Dr. Michel Siegel at 832-900-4818 or schedule a consultation online.

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