Noticeable – or Natural! Getting the Best Results from Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve all seen the results of overdone plastic surgery: face lifts that are too tight, noses that are unnaturally shaped and features that simply look out of place on a person’s face.

Many people are afraid of getting this kind of result when they start considering plastic surgery. In fact, the most common concern people share during their initial consultation is that they don’t want to look artificial. That’s understandable: after all, you want to look like you were born with these great features. You want people to see you, not an obvious surgery outcome.

The Goal of Plastic Surgery

People have many different reasons for wanting plastic surgery. Some wish to restore a younger look that time has taken away. Others want to change a feature that has always bothered them. Others simply want symmetry and balance on their face.

All of these things can be achieved without shouting, “I had surgery!” In fact, a well-done plastic surgery will look like the best version of you, and no one will even know you had it done – unless, of course, you show them your amazing before and after photos!

How to Get a Natural Look

All of your concerns about the surgery itself and the outcome should be discussed in detail during your consultation with your plastic surgeon. The best surgeons will take the time to answer all your questions thoughtfully and will give you the information you need to make the right decision for you. You shouldn’t feel rushed, pressured or unsure about your surgeon’s ability to perform the procedure you want.

Be sure to look at the surgeon’s before and after photos: these will speak volumes about what your surgeon may be able to do for you. If the patients look too pulled, artificial or overly done, consider looking for another surgeon. In particular, you look for a surgeon someone who is specifically board certified in facial plastic surgery.

Why Some Plastic Surgery Looks Fake

The problem is, many people are led to believe that plastic surgery can be done by any surgeon. Unfortunately, there are many people performing plastic surgery that simply don’t have the experience and skill that board certified plastic surgeons have. They may be a legitimate doctor, but if their name doesn’t say “board certified plastic surgeon,” you may not be getting what you’re hoping for. Some providers may have taken a few classes to be able to legally perform the surgery, but when you’re talking about the appearance of your face, you deserve better than that.

Even minimally invasive procedures involving injectables end up botched and fake-looking because they were performed by an unskilled provider. Too much or too little of anything in the face can lead to a very obvious “overdone” look.

Get the Results You Want

To get the best possible outcome from your facial plastic surgery:

  • Choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
  • Discuss your concerns and what kind of look you want during the consultation. Be sure you and your surgeon are on the same page.
  • Look carefully at the surgeon’s before and after photos before moving forward.

Dr. Michel Siegel is double board certified in facial plastic surgery. His goal is to ensure a safe, successful procedure that brings out the best of who you are. Contact his Houston office to learn more today!

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