Rhinoplasty, iPhones, and Perspective on Rhinoplasty Photos

iPhones and other mobile devices have replaced many of the mainstream cameras. An extra device does not need to be hauled around, and with each new model coming out about every six months, the cameras and resolution keep getting better.

You don’t like what your nose looks like after a selfie with your best friend, or after taking several pictures the night before? While cameras on mobile devices may be great for general photography such as landscapes, or group photography, they are not the best option for judging what your nose looks like before or after rhinoplasty.

Our brains perceive faces as they are at a minimum of 15ft. Anything closer will distort facial proportions, and especially the nose. Mobile devices usually capture faces at 1-2 ft away. This short distance does not give an accurate visual perspective of faces, especially noses. Anything closer than 15ft will create the appearance of a bigger nose and smaller ears.

To capture accurate facial proportions, a 200mm-300mm lens must be used. Mobile cameras range around 28mm-35mm. While resolution may be excellent, they will result in false proportions when used for portrait photography.

To accurately evaluate the proportions of your nose, and to accurately assess before and after rhinoplasty changes, the standard lens and distance mentioned previously must be used for both the before and after photos.

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