Three Top Face Surgery Procedures

Three Top Face Surgery Procedures

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Many of us have heard – and agreed with – this phrase for years. But when the beholder is you, looking at your face in the mirror, reality can be discouraging. This is why we have facial plastic surgery. With the technology and skill of today, there is no reason why we cannot each achieve the beauty that we desire.

The top face surgery procedures have held fast for the past couple of years, as Time Magazine reported this time last year. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, for the past three years nose reshaping, or Rhinoplasty, has held the top facial surgery spot, followed by eyelid surgery and facelifts.

  1. Rhinoplasty: Beyond the functional reasons for rhinoplasty, such as repairing a nasal obstruction, nose reshaping offers significant cosmetic benefits. A nose that is misshapen from an accident or substandard outcomes from a prior surgery can be fixed for beautiful, natural-looking results. Ethnic and genetic blemishes in the shape of your nose can be diminished or adjusted through rhinoplasty to leave you with a nose you can be proud of.
  2. Eyelid Lift: Our eyes are often the most important part of our appearance – the part of our exterior that offers a look into who we actually are (soul, spirit, personality). As we get older, the weight of time can draw down our eyelids and the skin around our eyes. An eyelid lift removes extra fat or skin from the eyelids and tightens the skin to rejuvenate, refresh, and smooth your skin.
  3. Facelifts: Defy gravity! Facial tissues that sag from age and gravitational pull can be repositioned to recover the youthful appearance you once had. A facelift (particularly Dr. Siegel’s Vertical Facelift™) has the ability to bring back your face’s youthful contours, without losing your natural look.

Rhinoplasty, eyelid and face lifts are not the only ways you can surgically rejuvenate your face’s youthful beauty. For more information and to schedule a consultation about these and other face surgery procedures, please click here.

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