4 signs you are ready for plastic surgery

Deciding to have plastic surgery is a big step. But even if you’ve thought about it for a long time, you may still be wondering if now is the right time. Here are some signs that you’re properly prepared for your desired procedure.

#1: You’re doing it for yourself and not someone else.

Anytime you make a decision about your appearance, it should come from your own desire to increase your self-confidence and to feel great about yourself. Perhaps you’ve always disliked the shape of your nose. Or, your face has aged and makes you look older than you feel, and you want that youthful sparkle back. Some people inherit an undesirable feature, such as eyelids that droop or sag with time.

The important thing to remember is that you need to be happy with the outcome of the surgery. If you are choosing plastic surgery only for your own well-being, that’s a great reason to move forward.

#2: You’ve been told the risks of surgery vs. possible benefit.

All surgery has risks, and a surgeon should tell you about all these possible risks – however small – during your consultation. This allows you to make an informed decision about the risks vs. benefits. When choosing a board certified, skilled plastic surgeon, your safety is paramount and any risks are usually minimal. But, you still need to know about them before you book your surgery.

Surgeons who don’t discuss risks or who “guarantee” a certain outcome aren’t being totally honest. Find a surgeon who can give you the facts about plastic surgery – which is extremely safe when done properly. Look at the surgeon’s before and after photos – this is one of the best ways to be sure that your surgeon does good work!

#3: You have someone who can help you in the first few days after surgery.

Your recovery from plastic surgery should go quickly and smoothly, but you will need someone to help you out during the initial healing period. You may need someone to run quick errands or take your kids to and from activities or school. Talk with your surgeon about what to expect with your recovery so you can plan for help accordingly. Make sure you have arrangements for help in place well before your surgery.

#4: You don’t feel pressured or rushed to make a choice by the surgeon.

We’re all familiar with pushy salespeople who try to pressure us into things we don’t want. Afterward, you end up with something you aren’t happy with, and you may even feel resentful.

For this reason, your decision to have plastic surgery should never be based on whether your surgeon is running a “sale,” or they’re telling you to book now to get the appointment you want. Don’t let this affect your decision. Think long and hard about how you will look and feel after the surgery, and decide for yourself if you’re ready. Often, these tactics will rush you into a decision you’re not ready to make. When you feel comfortable is always the right time –  and it shouldn’t be dependent upon a sale or a limited time offer.

Would you like to take the next step towards your new look? Talk with a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who can give you the information you need to make a confident decision. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Michel Siegel today!

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