Otoplasty 101: Types of Ear Surgeries

Otoplasty 101: Types of Ear Surgeries Ear surgery isn’t the most widely discussed cosmetic procedure out there, but it can be one of the most effective. Many people suffer from oversized, undersized, or oddly shaped ears – and if you’re struggling with this yourself, otoplasty might be the solution. Let’s have a closer look at what you can...

Ethnic Rhinoplasty: FAQs

All noses are unique, and the best plastic surgeons will tailor every nose job to a patient’s individual features. But as with architecture or painting, there are certain aesthetic rules that should be followed in rhinoplasty. (Da Vinci would have been an excellent plastic surgeon!) These rules can vary widely depending on your ethnic group,...

Fixing A Bad Nose Job: The Science Of Revision Rhinoplasty

Fixing A Bad Nose Job: The Science Of Revision Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty has made huge advances in recent years. Better technology, as well as more effective surgical techniques, have left an increasingly large proportion of patients feeling thrilled with their results. That being said, things sometimes do go wrong—most often due to sloppy methods, inexperienced surgeons,...

How Do I Slim Down My Neck?

How Do I Slim Down My Neck? Though facelifts get a lot of attention these days, your neck also has a huge impact on your overall appearance. An otherwise youthful face can be aged considerably by a sagging, jowly neck. And sometimes even very fit or slender people can find it difficult to get rid...

What Does a Facelift Procedure Consist of?

What Does a Facelift Procedure Consist of? Facelifts are among the top five most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S.—and for good reason. Performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon, they can make a dramatic improvement to your appearance. If you’re considering getting one, however, you’ll soon realize that there isn’t a single standard type...

Learn How Lip Augmentation Works

Why Get a Lip Augmentation? Some people are drawn to lip augmentation because they dislike the current appearance of their lips—whether because they’re thin, asymmetrical, or problematic in some other way. This group often simply hopes for a more normal appearance, and lip augmentation is capable of achieving precisely that. Other people seek out the procedure more...

How Long Is a Rhinoplasty Operation?

How Long Is a Rhinoplasty Operation? One of the most common questions plastic surgeons get asked before a rhinoplasty operation is how long the surgery will take. It’s actually quite difficult to give a straightforward answer to this question, as surgery times depend on the patient, the complexity of the procedure, and the style of the surgeon....

What Are The Different Types of Nose Jobs?

What Are The Different Types of Nose Jobs? In much the same way as not all noses are alike, not all rhinoplasty is alike either. There are many different kinds of nose job out there, catering to the varied needs of each individual. In this post, we’ll fill you in on the main types of procedure you...

Cosmetic Surgery Dos & Don’ts

Cosmetic Surgery Dos & Don’ts Surgery can be quite a daunting prospect. But there are certain things you can do—or avoid—that will ease the process, and help you achieve your desired results. Here are our top ten do’s and don’ts of cosmetic surgery. DO: Choose an experienced specialist.Some plastic surgeons are generalists, who are basically willing to perform...

How Scar Removal Works

How Scar Removal Works Facial scars are often a source of deep insecurity. By making them less obvious—or even invisible to the naked eye, as is sometimes possible—we can restore our self-confidence and increase our feeling of overall attractiveness. In this post, we’ll explain how the more common types of scars are treated by plastic surgeons!...

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